Experience the Glucose Balance

We know having a balance between our glucose and insulin is vitally important for our health. It’s why we chose to eat LCHF/Ketogenic way of eating.
Tonight I had the pleasure of presenting on glucose and diet at our monthly NeoLife Experience meeting. I think diet and supplementing with targeted food supplements to assist our cells to become more insulin sensitive so we can use less insulin is super important. It is my hope that this FB Live video will be informative and educational.

There were a couple things I had wanted to touch on, however forgot to. Glucose in the brain and Alzheimer’s/Dementia. This is very near and dear to my heart as family members suffered from this and eventually it took them from us. I will do a post about that soon.

I am very much in favor of diet and supplementation for filling the gaps of any diet. In my experience most supplements do not do what they say they will or are poor quality and can do more harm than good. There is one brand I trust explicitly and that I know truly work. The only pharmaceutical grade whole food supplements that I have seen. NeoLife~ Based in Nature Backed by Science


I am Shari the Low Carb Mommy and am married to the love of my life, Mr. Low Carb, and we have 8 wonderful children along with 2 little saints in Heaven.

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