It’s Tax Season

I am sorry I haven’t been around or updating my kitchen. I can’t believe it was November that I posted last! December got away from me with Christmas and I had so much I wanted to post too! Oh well, one can only do so much. It’s tax season and I work preparing taxes during that time. As you can imagine life is crazy right now, add in the crazed panic of the Covid-19 virus going around and that only increases the craziness. So please forgive my absence, but know that after April 15th I have some great posts lined up and coming your way. New videos, interviews, health articles and finishing my 3 part series on diabetes and blood sugar I started in November. The site will also get a facelift as I learn how to make things searchable, pin-able and printable! Lots I want to accomplish. So stay tuned and let us countdown to April 15th. In the meantime stay safe and healthy. Know all my followers are in my prayers. Much love from all of us at Shari’s LowCarb Kitchen.

Diabetes Awareness Part 1; Type 1 diabetes

November is national diabetes awareness month and while the awareness month is coming to an end, awareness should be spread all year long. Originally I was going to do one long blog post addressing the different types of diabetes and what to do about them, however after giving it some thought that is too much information to condense into one post. I will do three parts to my Diabetes Awareness series. There are two main types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2 then throw in prediabetes and you have a mess. Part one will focus on Type 1, while parts two and three will focus on A1C, Prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes. Continue reading “Diabetes Awareness Part 1; Type 1 diabetes”

A Little Light Reading

In an effort to continually learn and further my knowledge on all things health and nutrition related I have compiled a nice stack of some light reading material! This does not include the books I have already read, which include Dr. Fung’s Obesity Code, The Complete Guide to Fasting, Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes book and several others, it also does not include the spiritual books I am currently reading. Besides this stack I have about 9 more on my Amazon shopping list that my library did not have. I am very picky on what authors I read and who I take any health information from. One thing that will get them thrown out of the stack pretty much right away is any conflict of interests, depending on what it is, as well as really crazy out there advice. All of these made the cut! Continue reading “A Little Light Reading”

Experience the Glucose Balance

We know having a balance between our glucose and insulin is vitally important for our health. It’s why we chose to eat LCHF/Ketogenic way of eating.
Tonight I had the pleasure of presenting on glucose and diet at our monthly NeoLife Experience meeting. I think diet and supplementing with targeted food supplements to assist our cells to become more insulin sensitive so we can use less insulin is super important. Continue reading “Experience the Glucose Balance”

Low Carb Taco Seasoning

I find it absolutely amazing and scary how many things have added sugars snuck into them. Take taco seasoning for example, a seemingly innocent mix of seasonings and spices right? Wrong! at least for prepacked store bought…and don’t even get me started on bullion bases! Look at the added sugar and carb amount in this Old Elpaso seasoning:

See the carb amount and added sugar in the ingredient list?

While 3 carbs may not seem like a lot that Keep on reading!