Grow your Ketogenic Low Carb community

A couple weeks ago we were able to make one of our goals become a reality. Mr. Low Carb and I have wanted to have monthly low carb potlucks to grow our low carb community and educate on the ketogenic way of life. Finally after months of saying we were going to do this our first one happened on September 12th, 2019. We had a lovely turn out and loads of great food, which I forgot to photograph. We did have another mini one a couple days later for a breakfast version, which I did photograph the food. One out of two isn’t bad, right?

I also gave a presentation for why we want to live the low carb life. It is my plan to give a mini presentation at each potluck focusing on a different aspect each time.

I hope this will encourage some to work to grow their low carb ketogenic community and support. You do not have to give presentations, just get together and share great food and recipes!

Ketogenic Babies

While doing some research, because I am a research junkie, I came across a very interesting article on babies and ketosis. This information really rocked my brain because it made so much sense.

Some people, both medical professionals and lay people, seem to think ketogenesis is abnormal or unhealthy and I will admit I was one of those people until I started looking at the real science and not the hype. It is exactly the opposite of unhealthy or abnormal. In the article I read from it states, “ketogenic metabolism is normal and desirable, human newborns are in ketosis. ” Continue reading “Ketogenic Babies”

Chewy Sandwich Bread

Do you think living a LCHF Ketogenic lifestyle means no more bread? Well think again! There are many low carb bread recipes out there and I like a few, but I was still searching for a chewy sandwich bread. Recently I had a family member contact me to ask if I had heard of this bread book and the author and if I hadn’t could I look into it. So I diligently took to researching both the author, Kelley Herring, and the book.* Continue reading “Chewy Sandwich Bread”