Pepperoni basil bites

Being the mom of 8 kiddos my life primarily, or seems as though it does, revolves around schooling them and getting to and from activities. Getting time with other mom’s whose lives also revolve around their children’s schedules is a rare commodity sometimes. We wouldn’t have it any other way and the time with the children goes way too fast. But sometimes we need to connect and renew so the kids hang with daddy and the mom’s get together and chat while drinking wine…er I mean water, yeah, water(after Jesus comes by)that’s what we drink! Continue reading “Pepperoni basil bites”

To Snack……

That is the age old question….or is it?

When I was a child we didn’t snack…yes I am dating myself here…..we ate at meal times and outside of meals was pretty much not heard of. We didn’t have snack time at school, during after school activities, etc. It would ruin your appetite for meals and it wasn’t something that was called for in the budget. It just wasn’t done. I grew just fine without constantly eating throughout the day. Actually it wasn’t up until about 15 years ago or so that this whole concept of eating 4-6 or more times a day was healthy. Many of us bought into this theory. I mean it made sense, eating 4-6 small meals a day would keep your metabolism up and keep your blood sugar level through the day. Ahhh, it sounds so perfect, doesn’t it? Continue reading “To Snack……”