Low Carb Taco Seasoning

I find it absolutely amazing and scary how many things have added sugars snuck into them. Take taco seasoning for example, a seemingly innocent mix of seasonings and spices right? Wrong! at least for prepacked store bought…and don’t even get me started on bullion bases! Look at the added sugar and carb amount in this Old Elpaso seasoning:

See the carb amount and added sugar in the ingredient list?

While 3 carbs may not seem like a lot that Keep on reading!

Tacos Tacos and more Tacos!

Before starting out on our LC journey we had been Paleo”ish” for a few years but do to life craziness, which is a whole other story, we would fall off the wagon quite often and slip back into processed junk. It is amazing how many Paleo and Low Carb recipes cross over each other and yet how many Paleo recipes are much higher in carbs as they use more starch. I still have a great number of my favorite Paleo recipes that were lower in carbs to begin with or have converted the higher carb ones to lower carb. Keep on reading!