Chocolate Cheesecake Deliciousness

I have been having a hankering for a nice dessert and cheese cake seemed to fit the bill nicely. Much to my chagrin I have never made a cheesecake, at least not one that didn’t come from a box. I am not much of a dessert person to begin with so it’s pretty typical not to make desserts, though I used to make a mean cookie! I try not to have many sweets low carb or not, but every now and then it is a nice treat. We had a potluck dinner last week so I decided to try my hand at a chocolate cheesecake because like bacon, chocolate also makes everything better! Continue reading “Chocolate Cheesecake Deliciousness”

Cha Cha Cha not the pet! The pudding, silly!

In our house we really don’t snack, we eat at meal times….for the most part. I may like to have a chia pudding for part of breakfast or maybe a dessert for dinner because it’s just that versatile and easy to just keep in the fridge. It’s fully of yumminess and just takes a couple minutes to put together. It can be done with any liquid you choose! I choose full fat organic canned coconut milk, but unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk from the carton, whole milk and even water. So here’s what you need: Milk of choice, chia seeds, cinnamon and no sugar sweetner(optional) and a jar or other container to mix it in.

Canned coconut milk will get really thick as the liquid and the cream separate. Continue reading “Cha Cha Cha not the pet! The pudding, silly!”

Chocolate Avocado Pudding, what in the world?!

In our home we have a meal schedule and most days the kids each have a day they are responsible for planning the meal and cooking it. This gets filled out for a month so I can grocery shop weekly…well that’s what happens most times but life can get crazy so we roll with it. Anywho it’s been a great learning tool for the children to learn more about how to cook low carb and that they don’t have to give up all their favorite foods. Tuesday is leftover night every week and this is one thing that rarely changes, unless we have no leftovers that week, and last night was no exception. Continue reading “Chocolate Avocado Pudding, what in the world?!”