Diabetes Awareness Part 1; Type 1 diabetes

November is national diabetes awareness month and while the awareness month is coming to an end, awareness should be spread all year long. Originally I was going to do one long blog post addressing the different types of diabetes and what to do about them, however after giving it some thought that is too much information to condense into one post. I will do three parts to my Diabetes Awareness series. There are two main types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2 then throw in prediabetes and you have a mess. Part one will focus on Type 1, while parts two and three will focus on A1C, Prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes. Continue reading “Diabetes Awareness Part 1; Type 1 diabetes”

Experience the Glucose Balance

We know having a balance between our glucose and insulin is vitally important for our health. It’s why we chose to eat LCHF/Ketogenic way of eating.
Tonight I had the pleasure of presenting on glucose and diet at our monthly NeoLife Experience meeting. I think diet and supplementing with targeted food supplements to assist our cells to become more insulin sensitive so we can use less insulin is super important. Continue reading “Experience the Glucose Balance”

To Snack……

That is the age old question….or is it?

When I was a child we didn’t snack…yes I am dating myself here…..we ate at meal times and outside of meals was pretty much not heard of. We didn’t have snack time at school, during after school activities, etc. It would ruin your appetite for meals and it wasn’t something that was called for in the budget. It just wasn’t done. I grew just fine without constantly eating throughout the day. Actually it wasn’t up until about 15 years ago or so that this whole concept of eating 4-6 or more times a day was healthy. Many of us bought into this theory. I mean it made sense, eating 4-6 small meals a day would keep your metabolism up and keep your blood sugar level through the day. Ahhh, it sounds so perfect, doesn’t it? Continue reading “To Snack……”

Shari’s Low Carb Kitchen is Born!

I am Shari and am the proud wife to my wonderful husband and proud mommy to our 8 kiddos. Having a big family is pretty great and interests are all over the place. There is never a dull moment in our home! My husband, aka Mr. Lowcarb, is a type 1 diabetic and if you have T1D or have a loved one that has it you know it is nothing easy to deal with and can cause a lot of health issues. In November of 2018 I started learning about Low Carb and how insulin and other hormones work together, I knew a lot before but always love to learn more and boy have I! This lead us to decide to give a new lifestyle change a try and after the results we have had so far we will never go back to the standard american diet(SAD)!

Since starting our low carb journey shortly before Thanksgiving of 2018, what a time to give up carbs!, I have been having loads of fun finding different recipes to try for my family and tweaking them along the way. After posting many pictures on Facebook of the deliciousness I was making I had several requests for the recipes which I happily share however it can be difficult to do on social media and as a result this blog is born. This is also doubling as a school project for my son. I hope you enjoy the foods you will see as well as other posts about low carb and our lives on it.

Please be patient as we learn how to work this blogging site and get things in order.